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Dear colleagues and our wonderful customers!

Tairiku Travel Co., Ltd. has been operating in the Japanese tourism market since 1979 and is a subsidiary of the Japanese trading and investment company ‘Tairiku Trading’. Applying our long experience, we organise all types of tours. If you are looking for guaranteed Japanese quality, then our experienced staff are ready to give a quick and accurate answer and help you.

The Main List Our Services

Organization of individual, Group and thematic tours to Japan

Incentive travel

Development of exclusive tours

Organization of business trips, Seminars and conferences

Hotels, transfers and guides can be arranged respectively.

Services of Expert tour guide (in English, Russian, etc.)

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English / Russian

Ukrainian-Israeli, started visiting Japan in 2003 with business purpose, I constantly have been living in Japan since 2014. In my younger years I worked for a number of publishing houses, that specialized in Oriental literature, as En-Ru translator and editor. Having explored more that 40 countries, I am in love with Japan, and, together with my family, I keep discovering it deeper and deeper, and I am always gladly sharing my experience with thoughtful and adventurous travelers.

Mongolian / Japanese

Орхон их сургуулийг япон хэлний орчуулагч мэргэжлээр төгссөн.
2007оноос япон улсад ирж суралцаж амьдарч байгаа.
2023оны 2сараас Японы аялал жуулчлалын кампаниудад хөтөч орчуулагч мэргэжилээр ажиллаж байгаа.
Японд хөтөч орчуулагчийн курст суралцаж мэргэжлийн үнэмлэх авсан.

Russian / Japanese

Постоянно живу в Японии с 2001 года.
Изучала здесь японский язык.
За 10 лет работы в туризме поняла, что люди едут в путешествия
за вдохновением и позитивными эмоциями.
И чувствую себя счастливой, когда после посещения Японии
в каждом участнике группы что-то меняется.

English / Italian / Hebrew

Hello, I’m happy to introduce myself, I’m an Israeli who lived a few years in Italy, U.S.A and Japan. I fall in love with Japan immediately, from my first visit in 1991. Ever since I have kept admiring this unique culture and heritage. The love for traveling and the curiosity for cultures and people in the world have always throbbed in me. I chose to apply the degrees I acquired in world art history and architecture in my work as a tourist guide as it provides me with a beautiful way to show Japanese culture to the curious tourists in their visit here in Japan. I consider my work as a tour guide as my mission, in which I share my great love for the wonders of Japan to the tourist. With all my love for traveling - my real love is for people… I am excited to experience the human encounters and the exciting reaction that the tourist explores on the tours. The happiness and enjoyment of the people are the real satisfaction for me.


We love to travel!!
Traveling around Japan, we are always searching for interesting things, wonderful places, and delicious food.
Japan has a completely different scenery depending on the four seasons.
Cherry blossom season is the most wonderful, but there are many other attractions.
Fireworks and festivals in the summer, autumn leaves in the fall, snowscapes in the winter…and more!
You can enjoy Japan in any season. Let our travel experts help you plan your trip!

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