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11.28.2023 Sightseeing

Feel the local atmosphere at Yanaka-ginza, Tokyo's local market street

Shotengai means...

In Japanese, a local market street is called "Shotengai."
The characteristic feature of Shotengai is the arrangement of small shops specializing in specific products, including fish, vegetables, medicines, books, and more.
One of the most famous Shotengai is Nakamise Street in Asakusa, but currently, one of the most popular ones is Yanaka-Ginza.

Where do Yanaka lovers go ...?

There are so many shops and cafes, but each of them has a local Japanese atmosphere.
You can certainly find your favorite place! Now, I will show you how to enjoy Yanaka-Ginza.

1. To Go Gorumet 
Almost every shotengai has butcher shops that also prepare deli foods, such as handmade croquettes and minced meat cutlets.
These foods are very popular in Japanese households. You can purchase freshly made deli items and enjoy them in front of the shop.
*Travelers observe good manners!

2. Sightseeing Wooden Architecture from the Past
Yanaka-Ginza still preserves its old architecture, providing a glimpse of a mixed culture between the present and the past.
Yanaka is famous for its association with cats. With many alleys in the area, it is comfortable for cats to live here.
Additionally, you can discover souvenirs featuring Japanese patterns, such as the sakura motif, for those who love traditional designs.

Hope you to enjoy local feelings in Yanaka-Ginza.

You can visit there from Nishi-Nippori station.

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