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11.14.2023 Sightseeing

One of the oldest temples "Kotō Sanzan” and autumn leaves

“Kotō Sanzan” - 3 temples gathering near by lake Biwa, Shiga prefecture - you can visit and enjoy autumn leaves and feel atmosphere ancient culture.

Literalry, the meaning of “Kotō Sanzan” is 3 mountains are on tje east side of the lake.
In this case, you can understand this place like 3 temples - Saimyouji-temple, Kongourinji-temple, and Hyakusaiji-temple - are on the east side of lake Biwa.
These temples are belonging to the same Sect of Buddism called "TENDAI".

3 temples and 3 features that you must see

Saimyouji- temple is famous for Twelve Heavenly Generals. In Japan we count every year with the twelve chinese zodiac(for example, 2023 is the year of Rabbit in chinese zodiac) , so visitors pray for zodiac sign depending on everyones birth year. 
Also, in Saimyouji-temple, you can see two black cats. The cat are consider to be messanger of Budda in this temple.
And this temple is selected for Japan's 31 most beautiful places by CNN.
In Kongourinji-temple you can see very beautiful autumun leaves on Novemver, especially leaves in this temple are famous for its deep-red colour.
Also, walking around inside, you may see a lots of Jizo-statues - the gurdian that protect people from bad luck.
The Jizo in this place are over the 2000, you can feel dynamizm.Hyakusaiji-temple is the one of the oldest temples in Japan. It was established in 606 A.D.
Oda Nobunaga, one of the most famouse warlords in the Sengoku-period(from 1467 to 1615), regarded this temple as primary and reliable place. 
The main statue of this temple is eleven-faced Avalokitesvara called "Juichimen Kannon".
You can see this Kannon only on the event that takes place once a half century, but this rare situation may bring the historical emotion to you.

You should visit Japan autumn!

If you want to travel around Japan autumn, and have interest in history, we reccomend you to visit “Kotō Sanzan”.
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