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12.01.2023 Sightseeing

Gotō Islands has nature beauty and Christian history

Did you know that there is a story of Christianity in Nagasaki?
The Goto Islands, a two-hour journey from the mainland of Nagasaki, are famous for their Christian history.

In the past 250 years during the Edo era (17-19th century), Christianity was banned and persecuted in Japan.
Especially in Nagasaki, many Japanese Christians continued their beliefs clandestinely.
They were known as "hidden Christians," practicing their faith while outwardly appearing as Buddhists.
Despite the absence of missionaries, they strived to follow Christian customs by their idea. For example, they sought to see the Avalokiteshvara Kannon statue as a representation of Mary.

In the Goto Islands, numerous historically valuable churches still attract visitors today, and of course Christians regularly visit there.

Churches and place that you must to know

1. Dozaki Chruch (Fukue island of Goto islands)

This is the first church that was built in 1908, after the end of the persecution of Christianity.
Inside the red-brick church, you can explore the history of Christianity through exhibitions.

2. Kashiragashima Church(Karagashima island of Goto islands)

Inside this church, you can admire beautiful Japanese camellia decorations.
Actually Goto Island is renowned for its camellias, a sight you can enjoy especially in February.

3. Christian cave "Harinomendo"(Wakamatsu island of Goto islands)

Carefully observing this cave, you can see the Virgin Mary holding infant Christ.
It is a famous story that a few Christians lived here to escape persecution.


Natural beauty of Goto

Nagahama Beach and Ondake Volcano represent the island's nature.

Ondake is a volcano on Fukue Island, but typically, we can appreciate its lush greenery.
Depending on the seasons, various plants and flowers grace the landscape.
It's also a popular spot for stargazing at night.

Takahama Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Japan, renowned for its cobalt-blue and emerald-green sea.
Visitors can delight in the color contrasts between the sea and the white sandy beach.
*Please note that the beach is only open from July to August. In Japan, most beaches are closed and off-limits except during the summer months.
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